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The problem was compounded for girls, as living away from home was even more burdensome for them and their families due to cultural issues.

In order to remedy this dire situation, Indus Group of Colleges, while being mindful of the conservative norms of the society, established fully equipped separate campuses for boys and girls to impart quality education at an affordable cost. The opening ceremony, presided over by Mr. Ali Imran Shah (Chairman Indus Group of Colleges), was held on 30th of August, 2015 and classes began one week later.

Indus College, Jand was established with an objective of delivering quality education at an affordable cost to students of Jand and environ. Many scholarships are made available to deserving students with excellent academic record. There are also need-based scholarships available to serve the under-served segment of society.


We, at Indus College, believe that quality education is pivotal in changing the overall outlook of an individual and therefore, we strictly adhere to no child left behind policy of ours. Our mission is to impart quality education that builds individual character as well as collective consciousness.

The fact that quality education affords especially the underprivileged classes a ladder for upward social mobility and betterment of economic circumstances, makes the role played by Indus College rather crucial one requiring a lot of forethought, careful planning, and hard work which remain our core values.

In today's knowledge based economy, acquisition of quality higher education has become vital for the success of any community. No community can truly thrive without institutions of higher learning, which can impart affordable, quality education on its sons and daughters. Making Indus College such a vibrant institution, which caters for the ever evolving academic requirements of the community is our vision.